What to pack on your first trip away

What does one take when they go away to the great outdoors?

It’s biggest source of dread for any first-time camper: packing.

We’ve listed our top seven essentials to ensure you have the best time on your trip away.

If we’ve missed anything, leave us a comment down below.

Lots and lots of underwear

Trust us on this one, pack as much underwear as you can. You’ll thank us later.


In the hot summer months, almost nothing beats a nice cool drink. If you can, invest in a freezer and bring the ice with you. It’s a game changer.

Extra blankets

Even in summer, it can get really chilly outdoors. Pack extra blankets or an extra jumper per person to ensure premium comfort all night long.

Wet weather gear

Gum boots, raincoats- anything that’ll protect you from the wet weather. It might look sunny, but Australian weather is unpredictable and can/will change over the course of just a few hours.


Preparing meals is one thing, bringing snacks is another. Make sure to pack some fun snacks to eat around the campfire or during social events to make the most of your time.


Bring a little fun to the campsite and pack a speaker/stereo. However, if you’re sharing a space or are located close to somebody else’s campsite- being respectful and setting time boundaries is key.

A book

The nights can get pretty long without wifi- bring a book along to keep you entertained.

A lighter

You never know when you might need a lighter. Whether its lighting a fire or a BBQ- it’s handy to have on you.

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