What Motorhome Should You Buy?

The type of motorhome that suits you best is going to depend on your lifestyle. So, before you even start looking, you’ll want to think about what kind of adventures you’re hoping to have.

Are you the type of down-to-earth traveller who likes to keep it simple? Do you plan on doing a lot of road-tripping? Will you need storage space for all the shopping and local wines? Take a moment to take note of all the things you need and want on your holidays.

Not sure where to start? We can help! There are plenty of benefits to buying an ex-rental, so read on and we’ll tell you all about our motorhomes and campervans so you can discover which one suits your lifestyle the best.

What’s The Difference Between Motorhomes & Campervans

What’s The Difference Between Motorhomes & Campervans

This will be the first bridge you’ll need to cross before you begin narrowing down your options.

The difference between motorhomes and campervans has blurred over the years, but the most general rule of thumb is that a motorhome has onboard facilities (like a shower and a toilet).

Of course, there’s a lot more to know, so check out our guide to motorhomes and campervans if you’re curious.

Why Is Lifestyle Important When Choosing A Motorhome

Why Is Lifestyle Important When Choosing A Motorhome?

Your lifestyle will decide what you’ll need when you’re road-tripping across Australia. Knowing whether you’re travelling often, travelling far, or travelling with family, will help you determine a range of things.

Some of these things include:

  • Off-grid requirements
  • Bathroom requirements
  • Storage needs
  • Living space needs
  • Kitchen, fridge, and pantry space
  • Sleeping arrangements
  • Additional features (solar panels, TV, awning)

How Do You Decide What Motorhome Fits Your Needs

How Do You Decide What Motorhome Fits Your Needs?

What are your destinations?

Are you planning on driving to the Outback? Mountains? Or will you spend most of your time in cities or on highways?

How frequently do you plan to travel?

Are you going to travel often? Will you be travelling for a weekend, or for months at a time?

Do you need a shower and toilet on board?

And how often do you plan to use them?

Do you need plenty of space and storage?

Are you the type of traveller who can make do with the basics? Or are you bringing everything you’ll need for a comfortable holiday?

What kind of camper are you?

Do you prefer to free camp in nature, or do you prefer luxury resort-style holiday parks? How quick should it be for you to pack up your motorhome and hit the road?

What are your routines?

Are you spending a lot of time on the road? Are you out exploring or are you relaxing in your motorhome?

How many berths do you need?

Are you travelling alone? With a partner? With family?

What type of bed do you prefer?

Would you prefer a fixed bed that requires no preparation, or would you prefer to reclaim space with dinette conversions?

How are you using the space?

Are you cooking a lot? Will you be having guests over? Are you planning to work remotely?

What are your off-grid requirements?

Do you need solar panels? Grey water and freshwater tanks?

What luggage are you bringing?

Are you someone who likes to ski, surf, or cycle? Do your hobbies require a lot of gear? This will determine the amount of storage you need.

Ex-Rental Motorhomes For Sale At Cruisin’ RV Sales

2-3 Berth Hi-Ace Hi-Top Campervan

2-3 Berth Hi-Ace Hi-Top Campervan

The 2-3 Berth Hi-Ace Hi-Top is a down-to-earth and reliable travel companion. It’s great for off-grid living and an authentic van life experience due to its comfortable and practical living space.

This is the perfect campervan for travellers who prefer a vehicle that’s:

  • Compact & easy to drive
  • Simple & only has the basics
  • Easier to maintain & clean
  • Perfect for adventuring & driving around cities
  • Great for solo adventurers or couples
  • Not going to break the bank
  • Offers flexible, convertible furniture as a way to regain space

2 Berth Fiat Motorhome

2 Berth Fiat Motorhome

The 2 Berth Fiat Motorhome is a great middle-ground between luxury and balance. It offers ease of driving as well as a good living space.

This motorhome is great for travellers who prefer a vehicle that’s:

  • Stylish yet compact
  • Easy to drive
  • Great for couples
  • A perfect balance between luxury and budget
  • Completely self-contained
  • Has a good amount of indoor space and storage
  • Great for making home-cooked meals

6 Berth Fiat Motorhome

6 Berth Fiat Motorhome

The 6 Berth Fiat Motorhome has everything needed for a luxurious life on the road. It’s perfect for long road trips and offers all the best benefits of space and storage.

This ex-rental motorhome is great if you prefer a vehicle that:

  • Is great for long periods of travel
  • Offers plenty of living space
  • Has plenty of storage
  • Offers a great space for couples
  • Has space to bring family or friends along
  • Has a large fridge/freezer
  • Offers a large kitchen space
  • Is completely self-contained
  • Is luxurious & eye-catching

Still Not Sure? Try Our Short Quiz!

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Are You Ready To Find Your Perfect Travel Companion?

There are so many important things to consider when looking for a motorhome that’s going to suit your needs. If you’re a seasoned traveller you probably already have a good idea of what you’re looking for, but if you’re new to van life you mightn’t be sure where to start.

Not to worry though! At Cruisin’ RV Sales we offer a Try Before You Buy Deal. You can rent a motorhome from Cruisin’ Motorhomes or GoCheap Campervans, and if you decide to make a purchase afterwards we’ll deduct the cost of up to seven days from the price of the sale vehicle. This is a great opportunity to test out a motorhome to see if it’s really the right fit for your lifestyle.

Ready to organise a motorhome rental? Call our friendly reservations team on 1300 664 485. You’ll also want to check out our Cruisin’ Motorhomes and GoCheap Campervans vehicle pages to see what motorhomes are available to hire at our branches.

Or, are you ready to commit fully to van life? Then go ahead and check out our ex-rental motorhomes for sale! If you don’t see the type of vehicle you’re interested in, go ahead and submit an enquiry form or give us a ring on 1300 124 329.