What Is A Motorhome Kitchen Like?

Some travellers like to organise their trips in short sprints, choosing only to travel every few days before settling in for maximum relaxation in a new town or city. Other fast-paced travellers prefer to spend only a day or two in a location before hitting the road.

Regardless of your travel preferences, if you’re new to van life you’ll probably be wondering how exactly the kitchen works when you’re out exploring Australia. What happens to the fridge if you’re not hooked up to power? How much space is there for meal prep? Can you stop and cook a meal anywhere? If those are your questions, then this is the perfect article for you, so read on!

6-Berth Motorhome

How Do Motorhome Kitchens Work?

Running on a mixture of gas, electricity, and other energy types, motorhomes are designed for life on the road.

Of course, you’ll still want to stay at a powered site every second day to make sure everything has a chance to charge. This is also a good time to empty your greywater tanks.

What Appliances Are In A Motorhome?

All of Cruisin’ RV Sales’ ex-rental motorhomes have a fridge and stovetop, which are perfect for those impromptu meals on the road. The specific type of appliance will depend on which vehicle you decide to buy.

It’s up to you to decide which small appliances you’re bringing, but just remember that they’ll take up space and need to be stored mindfully when you’re on the road. When you’re hooked up to power at a campsite (or if you have an alternative power source) you’ll have access to a range of small appliances, such as microwaves, kettles, and coffee machines.

2-3 Berth Campervan

What Type Of Fridge Is In A Motorhome?

At Cruisin’ RV Sales, our ex-rentals use two different types of fridges. In our campervans, we use a 2-way compressor fridge. In our motorhomes, we use a 3-way absorption fridge.

But what is a 3-way fridge? These useful fridges run on either 12-volt battery power, 240 volts, or LPG. Check out this article about how to keep your fridge cool for more information! Whilst all our vehicles have a fridge and freezer, only our 6-berth motorhome and our 2-berth motorhomes have 3-way fridges – which can last for longer thanks to the LPG.

Also, the fridge/freezer in the 6-berth motorhome is 190L, which gives you plenty of storage space!

How Do You Cook In A Motorhome?

Our motorhome kitchens are comfortable, convenient, and perfect for all your home-cooked meals. One of the major advantages of having a fully functional kitchen with you wherever you go is that you can cook anywhere! All of our stoves run on LPG, which means you’ll be able to cook up a storm even if you’re not connected to power.

6-Berth Motorhome

Is There Enough Space To Cook In A Motorhome?

The main difference between cooking at home and cooking in a motorhome is how you’ll use the space. Our kitchens in our 6-berth motorhomes are incredibly spacious, but even so, you’ll probably struggle to do your meal prep if you have guests getting under your feet or if they’re leaving food, wine glasses, and other clutter around the place.

The good thing is that you can make use of space outdoors as well, so if you have good weather and camper chairs your guests can go be rowdy elsewhere.

2-3 Berth Campervan

What Size Motorhome Kitchen Should I Buy?

This will all depend on how much cooking you plan to do. If you plan to have guests often, or if you simply enjoy spoiling yourself or your partner with delicious meals, you may need more space for meal prep and storage.

Our 6-berth motorhomes are definitely the best choice if you love to cook big meals because there’s a large space and plenty of storage. You’ll truly be spoiled here with a range of draws, cupboards, overhead lockers, and surfaces to prepare your dishes.

Our 2-berth motorhomes are also quite generous with their space, and offer a range of overhead and underfoot storage as well as a table for you to do your meal prep on. The stove and sink also have a cover, which you can close to reclaim a bit of extra bench space.

The 2-3 berth campervans are suitable for travellers who like to keep it simple. You won’t have the luxury of storage that you get with a 6-berth motorhome, but you’ll still have all the space you need to store everything you’ll need for a down-to-earth cooking experience.

2-Berth Motorhome

How Do I Clean My Dishes?

All of our ex-rental campervans and motorhomes are fitted with sinks, which is perfect if you prefer cleaning up from the comfort of your own space! Just make sure you scrape the food scraps into the bin so they don’t clog up your wastewater tank.

On that note, you may be wondering “what do I do with my motorhome’s wastewater”? Check out our article on grey water for some more tips. Trust us, once you know what to do, dealing with your motorhome’s greywater is no big deal.

How Do I Store My Cookware Securely?

Driving on the road can get bumpy, so it’s important to ensure that everything is stored securely in your motorhome – to avoid anything breaking, and to keep yourself safe.

Some great, inexpensive things to invest in are non-slip mats as well as plastic or bamboo cups and crockery. You can also layer tea towels beneath the lids of pots and pans to dampen the sounds of any rattling whilst you’re out on the road

6-Berth Motorhome

Can I Have Guests Over?

Yes, of course! Again, even if you have a campervan there’s plenty of space outdoors to set everyone up with a camper chair.

In a 6-berth motorhome you’ll also be especially spoiled with plenty of seating and dining space – which is perfect for those days when it’s rainy or cold.

Are You Ready To Get Cooking?

Cooking in a motorhome can be as simple or as decadent as you want it to be! From a classic sausage in bread to a simplistic three-course meal, you’ll be able to make the meal that suits your tastes – although sometimes this will require you to be creative with the space that’s available to you. Whilst you won’t be bringing along a full-sized air fryer, stand mixer, or barista-style coffee machine, you’ll still have a ton of freedom in the kitchen.

If you’re not sure what kitchen size or layout suits your needs best, go ahead and organise your rental by calling our friendly reservations team on 1300 664 485. All our rental motorhomes come with a fully equipped kitchen, including cutlery, crockery, and a variety of other kitchen equiptment! You’ll also want to check out our Cruisin’ Motorhomes and GoCheap Campervans vehicle pages to see what motorhomes are available to hire at our branches.

Or, if you already know what type of kitchen layout suits you best and you’re ready to buy, check out our ex-rental motorhomes for sale! If you don’t see the type of vehicle you’re interested in, go ahead and submit an enquiry form or give us a ring on 1300 124 329.