Weird, whacky locations in Queensland

One of the many benefits of Queensland is the pure beauty within the state, but it also holds some pretty whacky tourist attractions.

The Ginger factory

Located just off the M1 lies one of Queensland’s hidden gems, The Ginger Factory in the Sunshine Coast region.

The tourist attraction offers a train ride, boat ride, a tropical garden walk and treats that are delicious beyond belief.

We recommend the Ginger Beer!

The Champagne Pools

Another coastal addition are Fraser Coast’s famous champagne pools.

Located just above volcanic rock- a natural phenomenon occurs where the pools start to bubble and fizz creating a surreal experience.

It really feels like you’re sitting in a glass of champagne!

Gold Coast Theme Parks

Gold Coast is home to several funky theme parks, with options for thrill seekers and sightseers.

Sea World, Movie World, White Water World, DreamWorld are just some of the many available.

The Bundaberg Barrel

The Bundaberg Barrel is really home to the famous rum distillery where several of Australia’s favourite drinks are brewed.

However, the architecture of the building itself is wildly impressive and is shaped as a huge barrel.

If you find yourself in the area, it’s definitely worth stopping for.

Cane Toad World

Now this one is properly whacky. Cane Tone World is a small park located in Gordonvale, a suburb in the Cairns region.

Opposite the sugar mill- it’s a small attraction but certainly not a forgettable one.

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