Weird, whacky activities in NSW

New South Wales, home to over 8 million Australians and the most popular state in the entire nation. It holds beautiful coastlines and gorgeous mountainous terrain- but there are some pretty weird and whacky tourist attractions spread throughout.

We listed our favourite spots to give you some inspo for your next trip.

The Big Banana

There is no other way we could start this list without including the Coffs Harbour Big Banana.

Built in 1964, it’s built up a reputation for being one of Australia’s most obscure tourist attractions.

The Big Headphones

Another strangely large object are The Big Headphones located in Newcastle. If you find yourself in the area, they’re definitely worth seeing.

Bubble Tent

Exclusive to New South Wales, Bubble tent offers luxury, off-grid camping in the beautiful Capertee valley, aka the second largest canyon in the world.

Camp under the cosmos for an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Check out their site here.

Moree Hot Springs

Often referred to as the best hot springs in Australia, the Moree hot springs offers arguably one of the best ways to relax and unwind.

Not to mention, it’s a great regional location if you’re taking the Big Lap.

The Living Desert Sculptures

Located in the beautiful time capsule that is Broken Hill, the Living Desert Sculptures are a breathtaking work of art.

Take the afternoon to watch the sunset fall, showering the statues in golden light amongst the red soil.

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