Sun safety tips while camping

Sun safety is vital in the camping industry.

Australia in general has one of the highest skin cancer ratings in the world.

Almost 2000 die nationally a year.

Fortunately, skin cancer is entirely preventable- sunscreen and other sun safety methods are available in bulk everywhere and anywhere.

To help keep camper and caravanners safe, we’ve listed the best tips to keep you and your family and friends safe from the sun. Check them out here:

Checking the UV index

Available on almost any weather platform, checking the UV index is a total game changer.

Before going outdoors you can check and organise how much sun protection you’ll require for the day.

Long sleeve shirts

It might sound like an annoying idea- but wearing a long sleeve shirt is a great way to keep safe.

Long sleeved clothing doesn’t automatically mean sweltering hot either, there are several cooler options to keep you going throughout the day.


An obvious one, but a vital one. Sunscreen isn’t like what it used to be all those years ago where you’d feel greasy after applying- now there are all different kinds.

Mineral, chemical, physical, powder: the options are endless.


Sun safety isn’t just about your skin, protecting your eyes is just as important long term.

Investing in a good pair of sunglasses will make all the difference.


Your scalp isn’t immune to the sun just because it’s covered by a layer of your hair.

Wearing a hat is the best way to keep you completely safe.

Sunscreen lip balm

Another overlooked feature, but your lips are just as at risk of getting burnt as any other part of your body. When buying your next Chapstick, look out for one with SPF included.

For more information into sun safety, check out the Cancer Council’s website here.

For camping inspiration, see our site here.

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