Staying Comfortable On Long Road Trips

Chances are you’ve been on plenty of road trips before, but maybe this is your first time planning an extended road trip in Australia. Some road trips are short two hours sprints, and others can last for hours, days, weeks, or even months! It all comes down to what type of traveller you are.

So whether you’re an expert road tripper, or whether you’re new to the motorhome scene, we have a range of tips to keep you comfortable on the road.

Check Your Seats

The position of your seat is crucial to avoid any back pain or stiff shoulders. This goes for both drivers and passengers! Take a moment to make sure everything feels right before you set off.

This is also a good time to check that you can have a good view out of all mirrors.

Declutter & Clean

Whether it’s a thorough cleaning between trips or simply keeping your space tidy whilst you’re on the road. Both of these things are important for keeping yourself comfortable on the road.

Also, if you’re going to a lot of National Parks chances are you’ll be around a lot of dirt and mud, especially if you’re going to a rainy state like Tasmania. A foot mat is a must-have to keep your floor clean!

Be Mindful Of The Weather

Sitting directly in the sun can be exhausting, especially in a state like Queensland. Aside from having sunglasses that you’re comfortable wearing, you should also make sure you have plenty of water.

On the other hand, if it’s cloudy and rainy you’ll need to have your headlights on – both so you can see, and so others can see you!

Keep on top of maintenance

Keep On Top Of Maintenance

Making time to regularly visit your mechanic is the best way to keep your ex-rental motorhome at its best and ensure that you’ll be having a seamless trip.

Entertain Yourself & Your Companions

Before your road trip, you can pack some CDs, create a playlist of your favourite songs, or google the best local radio stations.

The best thing about Australia is that there’s always something to look at, especially if you’re driving on a scenic route like The Great Ocean Road. But it’s a good idea to have a range of ways to keep everyone entertained, especially your passengers.

If you’re bringing kids or grandkids along you’ll want a variety of games and things to keep their hands busy. This can be colouring sheets, books, movies, or their favourite handheld device. There are plenty of ways to make sure everyone’s having a great time!

Make Regular Stops

You can plan your stops or improvise them if you like surprises, but you’ll want to take the chance for you and your passengers to get out and stretch regularly.

This is a great way to refresh everyone.

Have a full pantry

Have A Full Pantry

Snacks, water, and a variety of meals are going to be the best thing to keep you comfortable on a road trip – it’ll also improve the experience! Bringing along everything you need for a picnic will provide the perfect opportunity to have lunch by a gorgeous lake.

It’s also important to have snacks and water with you when you’re driving to keep your energy up.

Plan For Road Sickness (Or Other Stomach Sicknesses)

Maybe you get road sick, maybe you had too much local wine, or maybe you just ate something that’s disagreeing with you. Overall it’s a good idea to keep a healthy stock of things that will help your stomach on a road trip.

Antacids, water, juice, ginger, something fizzy, or something to boost electrolytes. Pack what works best for you, because it’s definitely one of those things that you’ll be thankful for if you do end up needing it.

Bring Your First Aid Kit

Similarly, if you or your passengers have allergies, or if you know you’ll need eye drops, a personalised first aid kit is going to be the best thing to keep everyone comfortable on the trip.

Make sure the driver rests

Make Sure The Driver Rests

You can take regular stops or share the driving responsibilities if possible. Fatigue is an all-too-common tale of disaster, so make sure you’re doing the right thing by your driver.

Plan Your Trip

It’s not essential to plan your itinerary down to the hour or plan every stop, but it’s a good idea to have a general idea of where you’re going, what the weather will be like, and what you’ll do if you get lost.

We have some tips on how to avoid getting lost on a road trip to help you out as well.

Keep Your Fuel Up

It’s important to have a full tank and plan your stops if you’re travelling somewhere new – especially when you’re driving for long distances or in the Outback. Fuel stops can be few and far between.

Book Ahead

Campsites, restaurants, activities, and anything that can be booked ahead should be booked! Both to avoid your own disappointment and to prevent any last-minute panic. No one wants to be frantically searching around for a vacant campsite.

Download necessary apps

Download Necessary Apps

It’s a good idea to have all the apps you need to ensure you’re having the best road trip in Australia. This can include maps, games, music, or even something as essential as the Emergency+ app (which will help emergency services find you if you don’t know exactly where you are).

Stay Safe

An obvious one, but one we’ll add anyway. Don’t drive at night, take regular breaks, and follow the road rules.

Don’t Overprepare & Don’t Be Underprepared

Routes, sunscreen, walking shoes, technology, clothes for all weather, coins, and toll passes, make sure you’re bringing everything you need for a comfortable road trip.

Emergency Kit

Having a plan for a flat tyre or battery is a must-have. Make sure your emergency kit is full of all the things you’ll need to get things back on track.

Some things to consider bringing are jumper cables, tools, fire extinguishers for any kitchen mishaps, and the ever-reliable duct tape.

Are You Ready To Set Off On A Road Trip In Australia?

Australia is gorgeous and vast, and there are so many routes to explore! Whether it’s your first long road trip, whether you’ve been on more trips than you can count, keeping yourself comfortable is the best way to ensure that the journey is as seamless and enjoyable as it can possibly be!

Need some more inspiration? We’ve put together a packing list of all the things you can bring to make yourself comfortable on the road.

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