Pet Passport: Taking dogs on the road

Our Pet Passport series continues!

In this episode, Dr Tania speaks on how to safely take your pooch on the road.

Whilst dogs are generally pretty flexible travelers, Dr Tania emphasizes the importance of taking all precautionary measures before heading off.

Step one, making sure your dog is suited to travel.

Not all dogs are the same and all have varying personalities- it’s important to recognize if your dog is well suited for a long trip.

Dr Tania says if your dog is an anxious pooch- it might be worth getting a pet-sitter. If that’s not affordable, a boarding facility is also an option.

Anxiety isn’t the only factor to debate.

Factoring in whether your dog gets travel sick and their temperament are just as important.

It’s also a essential to keep in mind how much exercise your dog is used to.

Dog’s will adapt better if their food and exercise routines stay the same.

Dr Tania also recommends contacting your vet before travel to ensure vaccinations and medications are all up to date.

Lastly, will the climate suit your dog?

If it’s going to be hotter than your used to, heat stress becomes a very real danger to pets.

Make sure there’s shade and plenty of water for your pooch.

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