Long weekend away activities

With the Easter weekend just around the corner, we’ve decided to list some of our favourite outdoor activities to get you in the holiday mood.

Building a camp fire

A great way to be social and reconnect with old friends and family, building a bonfire is a great activity to do while camping. You can also get into the Easter spirit by loading up on the chocolates and sweets.

Camping Olympics

Another family-friendly activity is setting up your own Camping Olympics. This is especially fun if you’re camping with a large group.

Not only is it an affordable activity, but it gets everyone exercising and getting some fresh air.


This might bring back some nostalgia for a few of us- but spotlight is a great way to socialise.

All you need is a flashlight, a few friends (or family members) and for it to be sundown!


Host a BBQ! Camping is the perfect setting to get your snag on. Most camping sites will have a designated BBQ area, or if you’re feeling fancy there are hundreds of portable alternatives available.

Go for a swim

Nature holds many beauties, but there’s nothing like taking a dip in a natural swimming hole.

Do some investigating before you leave for your trip to see if there are any places to go for a swim in your surrounding areas.

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