How To Make Your Ex-Rental Motorhome Feel More Comfortable

We’ve already told you all about the benefits of buying an ex-rental motorhome compared to buying one new from a showroom, and it all comes down to personal preference. But (at the risk of sounding biased) an ex-rental has some obvious perks, especially when it comes to cost!

In the article linked above we already mentioned that some pros of buying an ex-rental are:

  1. You’ll find great deals and expert advice
  2. They’re road ready and good to go
  3. They’re built to last and have an existing history of quality care

But maybe you’re still wondering how to make an ex-rental motorhome feel like it’s your own. It’s incredibly important to feel comfortable when you’re out on the road – after all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your motorhome during the night and whilst driving.

So how do you make it your own? The big difference between buying new and buying used motorhomes is the allure of customisation! But there’s a huge difference between those expensive but unnecessary nice-to-haves vs motorhomes that are built to be maintained.

Why Buy An Ex-Rental Motorhome

Why An Ex-Rental Motorhome Is Great For Comfort

We mentioned that our motorhomes are built specifically to provide the ultimate holiday experience, and they also need to be tough to withstand constant usage in all sorts of environments.

Another thing is that we know what our customers really need to make their holiday comfortable and convenient. At the end of the day they need a motorhome that’s simply going to be a reliable companion on the road, and sometimes all the bells and whistles just aren’t necessary.

Check Out Our Try Before You Buy Deal

Another perk of buying an ex-rental motorhome from Cruisin’ RV Sales is our Try Before You Buy Deal. With this you can test out a vehicle before you commit to purchasing, which gives you a chance to note all the things that are or aren’t working for you personally. This is also a great time to take note of all the things you’d like to add after you buy it!

With this deal we’ll also deduct the rental costs of up to seven days from the price of the sale vehicle.

How Do You Make Your Motorhome Your Own

How Much Does It Cost To Redesign A Motorhome?

It all depends on what you want to change in your motorhome. If you decide to use our Try Before You Buy Deal you’ll already know what you want to add or change ahead of time, so you can estimate your budget.

Here’s a quick tip! Some of the money you saved by buying a second-hand motorhome can go towards redesigning the interior or exterior. So whether you’re looking to personalise with small cosmetic accessories, renovate the upholstery, or kit it out with new technology, you’re free to do whatever you want once the motorhome is yours.

How To Make Your Ex-Rental Motorhome Your New Home On Wheels

Redecorating a motorhome is a great way to make yourself at home, and you can do it on a budget! Customising your motorhome will also ensure it suits your personal needs and tastes.

Small Things You Can Do To Make Your Space Yours

  • Decorate with pillows, plants, pictures, curtains, and blankets
  • Add rugs or removable carpet cutouts
  • Invest in your bedding
  • Use scents (candles, incense, diffusers, or natural alternatives)
  • Expand your living space and make an outdoor seating area

The great thing about buying an ex-rental motorhome is that these additions are entirely optional! You’ll already know that the motorhome is a reliable companion because it’s done its fair share of travelling already. So if you don’t want to spend time or money on redesigning or adding upgrades, you’re completely fine to just leave it as is and hit the road!

Useful Digital Resources To Find Inspiration

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Blogs

Check out our Pinterest board for some great ideas!

Are You Ready To Embrace Van Life?

Depending on your budget you can be as creative as you like when redesigning your ex-rental motorhome so that it fits your own needs and aesthetics. Whether you’re simply adding a few decorative pillows or completely refurbishing everything, the choice is entirely yours! With a little investment, you’ll be able to make your motorhome feel like home, and if you’re making smart purchases you can even renovate on a budget! In the end you’ll still end up making some substantial savings.

Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest board for some inspiration, and you’ll see what a huge difference a few pillows, decorations, and quality bedding can make!

So now it’s time to look at your options! You’ll definitely want to trial a variety of motorhomes before you commit to purchasing, so don’t forget about that Try Before You Buy Deal! If you’re keen, go ahead and organise your rental by calling our friendly reservations team on 1300 664 485. You’ll also want to check out our Cruisin’ Motorhomes and GoCheap Campervans vehicle pages to see what motorhomes are available to hire at our branches.

Or, if you’re ready to invest in a motorhome of your very own, check out the used campervans and motorhomes for sale on our website. If you don’t see the type of vehicle you’re interested in, go ahead and submit an enquiry form or give us a ring on 1300 124 329.