How To Get The Most Out Of A Motorhome Road Trip In Australia

Trying to squeeze in more adventures throughout the year? It can be hard to find time to set aside for a big trip, so why not plan some short motorhome trips instead? The trick is in a quick getaway!

‘Short’ means something different for every traveller. For some, it might mean a 3-day escape. For our grey nomads, who typically travel for long periods of time, short might mean a month!

Read on, and we’ll share our best tips with you to make sure you’re getting the most out of your motorhome trips in Australia.

Plan Around The Season

Plan Around The Season

The best thing about being retired is that you can be much more flexible with your plans! You can travel in the days leading up to school or Christmas holidays, which means you’ll get your holiday in ahead of everyone else (in peace, no less).

Travelling during the shoulder seasons also means that major attractions and cities will be quieter as well!

Research The Area

Knowing your plan for the trip is a sure way to make the most out of it. You won’t waste any time deciding what to do if you have a list of activities and destinations prepared ahead of time.

Of course, you don’t need to plan every detail. Leave some wiggle room for a lazy morning or an impromptu lunch.

Plan Your Driving Time

Plan Your Driving Time

If you just love to drive and take in the sights on the go, you’ll likely plan a road trip with a variety of scenic lunch stops!

But, if you want to get out and explore, you should aim to limit the daily driving distance or allow extra days at your destination.

If you’re new to van life, start with a lower number of kilometres on your itinerary and work your way up until you get to a number you’re comfortable with. This will likely take some experimentation, but it’ll help you get the most out of your short motorhome road trips in Australia!

Reserve Your Spot

Bookings, in many places, are essential. But even when they’re not, it’s still a good idea to call ahead! This includes campsites, activities, and anything else you could possibly miss out on if you don’t have yourself booked in.

Know Your Motorhome

Know Your Motorhome

If this is your first trip you might lose a bit of time learning the ropes, but soon you’ll be a pro.

Just make sure you’re aware of your surroundings so you don’t get yourself stuck anywhere silly. Pay particular attention to your height, you don’t want to be one of those motorhome drivers who gets caught out by a low bridge (it happens).

Prepare Ahead Of Your Departure

To make your getaway as quick as possible, you’ll want to slowly prepare your motorhome in the days leading up to it. This could include general cleaning, doing a grocery run, or some packing!

Pack Light

Pack Light

Speaking of packing, you can make your clean-up time a lot quicker if you travel with just the necessities. If you’re just going for a 3-day holiday you won’t need to pack your entire closet (probably).

Reducing your baggage saves you a ton of time doing laundry and refolding those unused clothes later. The same goes for shoes, only bring what you know you’ll wear! This usually comes down to a good pair of walking shoes, something for relaxing at the campsite or beach, and maybe something nicer for city days and restaurants.

Prep Your Food

Prep Your Food

Whether you’re bringing food in the fridge, or whether you have a shopping list prepared and ready to go, you’ll save so much time by knowing what you’re going to be eating!

Ask For A Late Checkout

Many campgrounds have an ‘out by 10am’ rule, but it can’t hurt to ask for a late checkout. They’ll probably ask for a fee, but it’ll be worth it if you still have things you want to see.

Are You Ready To Make The Most Out Of Your Motorhome Holiday?

Your definition of a short motorhome road trip in Australia might be different depending on how long you like to travel, but there’s always a ton of ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of your adventures every time you go! Having a plan is a huge part of that.

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