Health and Wellness while camping

There’s nothing like getting back to nature.

What if there’s more to it than just a saying? Well, research is now showing that camping may actually be far more beneficial to your health than your regular travels.

A survey conducted by our research team has shown camping can improve mental wellbeing, relationships and social interactions.

Whether it’s the lack of phone reception, the vitamin D or simply the relaxation of simple living- the stats speak for themselves.

Health and wellness has never been more important, so why not do it a way you enjoy it- on your terms?

The stats

85% of campers said they felt closer to their spouse than non-campers.

75% of campers said they felt closer to their children than non-campers.

Camping is an activity that brings families together. Not only are you interacting more frequently, but you’re participating in more events together than what would normally occur.

94% of campers said they felt more appreciative of nature after camping.

96% of campers said they felt camping relieved stress.

The simple living lifestyle can bring a refreshing change to campers.

For more information on health and wellbeing, check out the research on our website here.

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