Financing your trip as you go

The Australian dream. Travelling all around the continent with complete financial freedom- we’re here to let you know that just might be possible.

The international border closures have caused huge economic reforms and changed all of our lives, but it might not all be bad.

How can you do it?

With a lack of international travellers, we have seen a huge decrease in harvesting all throughout the country. Farmers are struggling to find and source labourers to help with harvesting their crops, providing a golden opportunities for Australians.

Whether you’ve just retired and are looking for a budget-friendly way to travel, or you’re a young Australian looking to get your back-packing fix- we’ve found a way for you to get set on your travels.

Now is the perfect time to finance your trip as you go. A government-funded map has been released showing where harvesting jobs are located, meaning you can now plan your trip to fit these locations.

Not only are you helping out the farmers and the economy- but you can travel as you work with almost complete freedom to pick and choose where you go.

Why should you do it?

Not that we need another reason to convince you, but statistics are showing that there are more health benefits than what first meets the eye.

Real Richness Australia has released a study showing that camping can provide some extreme health benefits.

The report showed that a stunning 95% of participants said they felt less stressed after camping and 85% of campers felt closer to their spouse/partner compared to 65% of non-camper participants.

Participants also believed camping is beneficial for kids, providing life and social skills.

Another 94% of participants said camping also helped them appreciate nature more.

Not only would you be working while travelling, but you’ll feel better mentally while doing it.

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