Family friendly Easter holiday ideas

We know it can be a total struggle trying to figure out where to take the kids in the holiday season.

That’s why we decided to do all the hard work for you and compile the best family friendly activities for you and the kids this Easter.

Take a look through our list for some vacation inspiration:


A popular tourist hotspot, Tasmania provides true organic beauty with its mountainous terrain and leafy green forests.

The Great Eastern Drive is one that you won’t regret. On your trip you’ll spot sandy beaches, gorgeous cliffsides and many historical stops along the way.

The flat roads are great for bringing the caravan along, and the trip has caravan parks located in almost every important stop- so the kids can get out to stretch their legs and get some fresh air regularly.

For more information, check out Discover Tasmania’s website.

Northern Territory

Our next pick is one that won’t come as a surprise.

A self-drive tour around the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is something everyone should add to their bucket list.

Gorgeous sunsets and red soil, it’s a unique landscape unlike anywhere else in the world. The kids can take a tour of the field of light, watch hands-on cooking classes, family-friendly hikes around the famous Uluru and so much more.

The Ayers Rock camping ground is world-renowned and there’s accommodation to fit any type of budget, perfect for a family trip.

New South Wales

New South Wales is home to Sydney- one of the biggest sources of tourism revenue for the country. We all love Sydney, but for a more family-friendly holiday destination, we’re going to take you up north.

The Tea Tree Lake swimming hole is a great day out for all of the family. Paragliding, kayaking and snorkelling are a few of many activities available in nearby town Lennox Heads.

Not only that, but popular coastal town Byron Bay is only a short drive and can make a fun road trip.

Western Australia

Western Australia’s tucked away gem, Rottnest Island is another national favourite holiday destination.

Families will be able to tour the lighthouse on the famous Pinky’s Beach and cool down in the surf afterward.

Rottnest Island is also home to one of Australia’s best glamping sites with a “sleep under the stars” experience for families keen to visit.


South East Queensland holds many national treasures, but nothing quite compares to the beautiful, coastal town Noosa. Located in the Sunshine Coast, there is an abundance of activities to involve the kids in.

Parents can relax on the white sandy shoreline while their kids take a dip in the shallow waters. If that’s not your thing, Hastings Street is right next door with so many clothing stores and restaurants it’ll make your head spin.

If you’re keen, head to Noosa North Shore Beach Campground’s website for more information on camping in Noosa.


A wildly underrated camping destination, Victoria is home to lush greenery and dense rural terrain.

One of our favourites is Refuge Cove. This spot is a great getaway for families who are looking for a quiet holiday and a more toned down vibe.

White sandy coast meets beautiful rainforest, offering rare serenity for the normally-bustling Victoria.

For more camping and caravan information, check out their site.

Australian Capital Territory

For a new family-friendly hinterland experience, we recommend a visit to the Namadgi National Park.

Families can take hikes of various difficulties with gorgeous cliff views you won’t see anywhere else.

If you’re extra keen, the site has multiple camping and caravanning sites around to give the family an opportunity to get back to nature this holiday season.

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