Caring For Your Motorhome

A clean motorhome is more comfortable to travel in, and a well-serviced motorhome is going to be a reliable companion on those long road trips.

When it comes to caring for your motorhome, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. So, whether you’re wondering about how to clean and store your motorhome or about insurance and registration, here’s a general guide to some of the things you might want to consider.





When you’re not using your motorhome you should keep it stored properly. Depending on the size of your driveway you might be able to simply store it on your own property. Alternatively, you can store it at a remote compound.

Tip: To protect your motorhome from any weather or sun damage you should cover it.



Regular servicing and maintenance is important. This will prevent unnecessary breakdowns during your holidays and keep your motorhome in great condition! Find a company that knows how to give you the best care for your motorhome.

Insurance, Registration & Stamp Duty

You’ll have to do some thorough research here, because finding the insurance that’s best for you will be your responsibility.

At Cruisin’ RV Sales we’ll transfer the vehicle registration into your name, we also include the stamp duty in the listing price on our website so there are  no surprises. Every state has its own laws, so spend some time going through your state’s official transportation and service websites so you know what to do when it’s time to renew the registration.






You can clean the inside of your motorhome the same way you would clean your house – with a vacuum/broom, cloths, water, and cleaning supplies.

  • Shower – Avoid mildew build up and get into the corners, check seals to make sure there’s no unwanted leaking
  • Toilet – Clean from top to bowl
  • Bedding – Remove and wash as you would with your own bedding at home
  • Seats – Depending on whether they’re fabric or leather you can either vacuum or wipe them down, keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear
  • Fridge – Remove any food and give the shelves a wipe
  • Surfaces, Stove & Cabinets – Clean out any perishables from the cabinets, wipe the doors, handles, stove tops, and dust your various surfaces


Washing your motorhome’s exterior is similar to washing a car, you’ll need a hose, cloths, and cleaning liquid – although you might need a ladder and a soft bristled broom (just mind your footing, a wet motorhome is a slippery motorhome).

If you’re driving in the outback you’ll notice that the red dust will get everywhere. It’s important to be thorough when cleaning it out.

At Cruisin’ RV Sales we also recommend that you also polish your motorhome at least every 2 years – this will keep it looking great and maintain your resale value.


This will vary depending on the type of motorhome you have.

With a Cruisin’ RV Sales’ ex-rental motorhome, you’ll want to empty and clean your fresh, grey, and black water tanks between trips – use chemicals designed for each individual system.


outside of regular servicing there's a few things you can do yourself


Outside Of Regular Servicing There’s A Few Things You Can Do Yourself:

  • Batteries, Oil & Coolant (do it yourself if you know how, or ask a professional)
  • Tyre pressure (especially if your motorhome has been sitting for quite some time – overinflated could lead to bursts, underinflated creates control issues and road resistance)
  • Windscreen wipers (a good sign that it’s time to change is if they’re leaving smears across the glass)
  • Check underneath for anything that might be loose or hanging down
  • Check awnings are functioning correctly and smoothly
  • Check your hoses for cracks
  • Inspect the roof seals and seams of your motorhome for potential cracks and leaks
  • Keep the wastewater system in good condition

How you care for your motorhome will vary, and it comes down to personal preference and the amount of travelling you’re doing. For example, a motorhome that’s been driving along tropical rainforest roads may need a higher level of care (and cleaning) than a motorhome that’s been sitting patiently in your driveway for months. Once you know how to care for your motorhome you’ll realise that it’s relatively simple and straightforward.

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