8 sustainable camping tips for your next trip

The world is quickly changing and evolving in every aspect. More research and technology has provided us with more sustainable options to our way of living.

Camping is no different. There are now several methods to bettering your camping experience for both you and the environment.

We decided to hammer down and provide the best options for you to use on your next trip away to implement more sustainable practices into your routine.

Bring your own water bottle

It might sound simple but it makes all the difference. Bringing a bottle from home saves you from spending your cash on plastic water bottles, and it’s less likely to be left behind.

Taking back your beer bottles

We all love getting on the beers, but more often than not tin and bottles are a prime culprit for littering.

Bring a medium-sized cardboard box with you to keep all your cans and bottles in, then when you return home you can drop them off at a recycling firm. You’ll even get a 10c refund per bottle!

Bring a keep cup

Not only does it save you the pain a bin run, but a keep cup can bring an eco-friendly substitute to keep the camp site clean.

A convenient alternative to paper/plastic cups and plates, a keep cup you can use for multiple reasons. Easy cup of noodles, coffee- all sorted in your keep cup.

Sustainable toilet paper

While all toilet roll is biodegradable- there are still ways to be more sustainable. Recycled toilet paper is an excellent way to make a small change with a big impact.

Our favourite are the ones from “Who gives a crap”, which you can view here.

Buy your supplies in regional locations

When trying to camp sustainably, we also have to consider the economic aspects. Buying and stocking up supplies in areas where you’re camping provides a huge boost for local businesses in the area.

Minimising generator usage

A great way to optimise your generator usage is scheduling out your nightly routine. If you get all the things done that require a generator within a certain time frame, you can switch it off entirely until your next slot.

Plus, camping without a generator could be a great way to immerse yourself in the simple, back to nature lifestyle.

Rechargeable batteries

Another simple yet easily overlooked strategy to make your trip more sustainable; rechargeable batteries.

Rechargeable batteries use less energy, create waste and are ultimately more cost efficient. They make a great addition to your camping swag for an eco-friendly change.

Consider the local wildlife

Australia is known for it’s extreme wildlife, especially in regional camping sites. When camping, it’s important to recognise we are entering their habitat and it’s important to respect their home.

Simply taking extra care to not leave items around that some animals might recognise as food creates a huge impact.

Optimise your camping grounds waste facilities for your disposable items and keep the site as you found it before heading home.

For more camping inspo, check out our site here.

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