Take control of your finances

Caravan Industry Association of Australia is pleased to be able to connect you with a series of webinars presented by our partner QSuper to help you take control of your finances.

Bring along any burning questions you have about financial topics or super, as you will have the opportunity to ask a QSuper member education officer. There are several different sessions you can attend:

Planning for Retirement

Date:   Monday, 12 October 2020
Time:   11.00am to 11.45am (includes question time)
Audience:   Having a solid financial foundation enables choice, so the sooner you start planning, the more time you have to reach your goals. This webinar focuses on the importance of planning for retirement, and what QSuper can do to help.

Transition to

Date:   Monday, 19 October 2020
Time:   12.00pm to 12.45pm (includes question time)
Audience:   If you are thinking about working fewer hours and easing into retirement, you may benefit from clever tax strategies presented in this session, to boost your super or your income in the lead-up to retirement.

Financial Wellbeing
for Women

Date:   Monday, 2 November 2020
Time:   12.00pm to 12.45pm (including questions)
Audience:   Helping female members of all ages with strategies to grow their super while overcoming commonly-faced issues that cause super gaps for women.

Superannuation –
Q&A Session

Date:   Tuesday, 8 December 2020
Time:   11.00am – 11.45am
Audience:   General session to answer any questions you may have about your superannuation.

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