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Energy seems increasingly more difficult and time consuming to manage

Many Park Operators are finding energy increasingly difficult
and time consuming to manage. There seems an endless number of companies
promising “the new best deal”. Regulators seem to be constantly changing the
rules. Furthermore, choosing the best energy tariff is getting more complex
with seasonal time of use charges adding to the already overwhelming number of options.

Over the last three years, Humenergy have worked with a few
select park operators to gain valuable insights of the unique energy challenges
of the industry. The results have been outstanding, with over $60,000 in annual
savings generated for one multi-site park operator. Humenergy now have some
valuable expertise to share with the broader park industry.

One thing Humenergy does very well is energy procurement,
especially for multi-site park operators. Humenergy simplify procurement with
tailor-made solutions and deliver excellent cost-effective results. And with the
wholesale energy currently providing once in a decade buying opportunities, now
is great time to act.

Recent results have been outstanding

To demonstrate the current value on offer, Hum have recently
achieved the following for existing clients:

  • Client A – Multi-site park operator (NSW, VIC,
    QLD) – $21,000 per year in electricity savings
  • Client B – High rise (South-east QLD) – $25,000
    per year in gas savings
  • Client C – 380 Lot Residential Community (Gold
    Coast) – $126,000 per year in electricity savings

Humenergy also saves client a significant amount of
time and stress. This is achieved by taking the time to understand the operator’s
business and specific energy challenges and providing tailor-made solutions. Their
range of services include:

  • Tailored multi-site energy procurement services
  • Simplified reporting and advice
  • Practical and responsive advice on energy
    matters including solar

Significant Opportunity – The Wholesale Energy Markets are at Decade

Factors such as the COVID-19 Pandemic and high penetration
of renewables generation into the energy grid have driven wholesale prices down.
Pricing is currently down about 20% from the same time last year. As such, the
electricity and gas markets are currently providing once in a decade buying

Humenergy’s advice is take advantage of this opportunity now. This is because recent market trends and industry commentary suggest prices are starting to rise again. Prices also can to increase dramatically during the hot Australian summers as markets become more volatile.

Why Humenergy?

Humenergy simply provide a better experience and more value
than others. Their tailor-made solutions for park operators remove the hassle
and complexity from managing energy. Humenergy focus on partnerships to deliver
long term value to their clients. Contact Ben or Brooke at Humenergy, will first
get to know your business, and advise if and how they can help.

Hum is an Australian-owned specialist energy services
and solutions provider servicing 1000’s of customers across NSW, QLD, VIC. They
provide energy procurement, bulk energy on-selling, submetering, and solar
solutions. Humenergy is an authorised electricity and gas retailer and an
accredited embedded network manager.

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