Do You Have Your COVID SAFE Plan In Place for your Caravan Park?

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As our country starts to open its borders for
interstate guests, it is vitally important and necessary for caravan holiday
park owners, managers and staff to have a COVID SAFE Health Management plan in
place, outlining measures taken to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Having a plan in place and following this plan, is to ensure
the safety and well-being of guests and staff and will provide
both the relevant government authorities and your guests the reassurance that
your business is COVID-19 safe.

Your plan will require you to have actions covering the
following areas:

Record Keeping

  • This will include an appropriate guest declaration that records guest’s information and may need to be quite detailed (i.e. for tracking purposes) dependant on the state or territory you are placed in.
  • Records of your cleaning regime including what areas and how often a day they are cleaned
  • Records of contractors, staff and visitors that visit your business.

Respiratory Hygiene

  • Your plan needs to have in place directions for
    staff to wear face masks (if applicable in your state or territory) and other
    required PPE.
  • The positioning of hygiene posters throughout
    the park which display the appropriate ways of covering sneezes and coughs,
    sanitizing of hands and avoiding touching faces.
  • Having available to staff and guests adequate hand
    washing supplies (hand sanitizer and/or soap, running water and either a hand
    dryer or paper towel).

Social Distancing

  • Your plan will need to state how you will
    encourage and manage social distancing requirements in your park (e.g. posters,
    markings on floors or reducing available amenities facilities).

Increased Cleaning Regime

  • Your plan will need to state what you are doing
    to increase your cleaning activities (i.e. the use of hospital grade cleaning
    liquids, how often cleaning is done and to what areas of the park).

How you are prepared for an outbreak

  • Does your plan have the steps to take should a
    guest or staff member show symptoms of a possible infection?
  •  Does your
    plan have the steps to take should there be an outbreak in your business and
    how you will deal with this?

Most importantly, your plan will need to be a ‘living’
document, this means it will be required to be updated and the actions adjusted
as the current situation and health directives in your state or territory

Should you need information or assistance around a COVID
SAFE plan, please reach out to [email protected]

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