Camping brings families together, research shows

With families dominating the caravan and camping market, research is showing that it’s bringing families closer together.

The stats

Research shows that 93% of campers felt that camping brought families together and 94% said camping teaches children vital life skills.

It’s not just parents either, 71% of campers with grandchildren said they felt closer after going camping too.

In fact, camping within families is so popular a whopping 74% said that they believed it should be apart of the school curriculum.

Camping brings an opportunity to make the outdoors a real-life classroom.

97% of campers believe that camping can help educate children on sustainability and the environment.

So, if you really needed another reason to go camping (which between you and us, we know you didn’t), here’s your chance to get back to the outdoors.

To view the full statistics, you can view the report sheet here.

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