Boost your cleaning regime. Infection control for your caravan park.

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COVID-19 has thrown challenges to our industry with many new processes required to protect your guests and employees.  One of the key elements of your businesses Infectious Disease Outbreak (Pandemic) COVID-19 Management Plan is an increased cleaning regime especially focussing on frequently touched surfaces.

Vantec, one of the Caravan Industry Association of
Australia’s supporters has introduced a new product to our industry called ‘Nanocyn’
which is an 100% natural, non-toxic and alcohol free.  ‘Nanocyn’ can
be used for disinfecting and sanitising without any special OH&S
requirements (PPE).  It causes no damage to materials and is able to be
used with people present.  ‘Nanocyn’ is a tested and approved
natural disinfectant that kills viruses and bacteria in 30 seconds, including
SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and Norovirus (Gastro).

‘Nanocyn’ can be used via a spray bottle however for
an investment of the fumigation machine at a cost of $990 (plus GST) you can
completely decontaminate a 50 sq2 cabin in about 90 seconds.  Fogging ‘Nanocyn’
into the airspace allows it to
settle on surfaces and simply evaporate killing virus’ in 30 seconds and air
drying in under a minute making it also ideal for communal areas.

Our good friends at BIG4 Melbourne welcomed Vantec to their
business to demonstrate how easy it is to use ‘Nanocyn’ to provide a
safe COVIDsafe environment in your park for your guests and employees.

CLICK HERE TO SEE A DEMONSTRATION – ‘Nanocyn’ caravan park demo

If you are interested in having a chat about how ‘Nanocyn’
can become a part of your businesses COVIDsafestrategy, please
contact Mark Hull at Vantec on 0412 493 001 or at [email protected]

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