Beach camping for your next holiday

The winter months are slowly approaching and the time for beach camping is slowly fading away.

To make the most of the coast before the chill sets in, we’ve listed our top beach camping spots for you to check out. See them here:


Up in the north lay Port Douglas- a tropical paradise with lush rainforests and an endless stretch of white sand.

The shallow waters provide a gorgeous blue ocean with the coral reef at your doorstep.

This is one you can’t miss.

Western Australia

Rottnest Island is a great way to experience the west.

You won’t find anything like the beautiful, natural rockpools and breath-taking beaches anywhere else.

New South Wales

Caves Beach located on the New South Wales coast brings an extravagant experience to relaxing hush.

Crawl through caves or enjoy the crisp water for a fun coastal getaway.


Torquay truly has it all.

From spectacular cliff-faces to magnificent coast, campers will find something new around every corner.

There’s a giant Ferris wheel too to get the best views possible.


Known for it’s beaches, Tasmania was a tough pick.

Ultimately, we decided nothing beats Coles Beach.

Nothing compares to the beautiful camping grounds or the delicious oysters you can eat at the seafood restaurants off shore.

Definitely get in quick as Tassie has a tendency to cool down very quickly.

South Australia

For our South Australians, we landed on Memory Cove.

Surrounded by kilometres of dense rainforest, it offers a chance to forget the hustle and bustle of city life and just completely unwind.

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