4 reasons motorhomes are better than caravans

4 reasons motorhomes are better than caravans

When it comes to buying a recreational vehicle, there are clearly two kinds of people. Those who like motorhomes and those who like caravans.  Both have their own advantages mainly in terms of convenience and price. Being in the motorhomes business for over 20 years, we feel that motorhomes offer much better value for money and provide more freedom and convenience to users. Let us take a look why,


High purchase price but better resale value

Although the initial purchase price of a motorhome is slightly higher than a caravan it holds its value for much longer than a caravan. An additional cost of buying a caravan is owning a suitable vehicle to tow it. If you are buying a caravan and a car together, the overall cost will be much higher than purchasing a motorhome.


Relatively low cost of maintenance

Most motorhomes are built on very reliable vehicles such as Fiat Ducato, Toyota HiAce, Toyota WorkMate, VW Crafter etc. These are sturdy and low maintenance vehicles. Most mechanics across Australia will be able to assist in fixing issues with the vehicle.


Driving and maneuvering is easy

Driving a car while towing a caravan can be risky and requires a lot of experience. The learning curve is much steeper than learning to drive a motorhome. Maneuvering a caravan into a tight campsites sometimes becomes a nightmare. Comparatively, learning to drive and maneuver a motorhome is fairly easy.


Offers convenience and freedom

Setting up a caravan at a campsites takes considerable more time and effort than a motorhome. a motorhome can be driven straight into a camp sites and quickly hooked up to utilities. It is quick to set up and easy to pack up. Caravans are much more difficult starting from reversing it into a camp sites, unhooking it from the car, making sure it is stable and then hooking it up to utilities.

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